About our series

Artificial Intelligence and its implications for society and human self-understanding are one of the key topics of contemporary academic and public discourse. While there are various research institutions dedicated to AI ethics and policy in particular, what still seems to be missing from the picture is an integrated humanities perspective that combines expertise from the history, philosophy and social studies of AI.

The international and interdisciplinary lecture series »Thinking Machines: History, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence« provides one step towards such an integrated perspective. The series in Summer Term 2021 has been jointly hosted by the Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Deutsches Museum, as part of their traditional »Montagskolloquium«, the STS group at the European New School of Digital Studies, EUV, Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), TUM, and the Philosophy of Computing group, ICFO, Warsaw University of Technology.

The lectures in this series were intended for a general educated audience but are disigned to be relevant for academic audiences, too. The title of each event indicates its working language.

With the speaker’s permission, recordings of all talks have been made available on the Deutsches Museum YouTube channel. They can also be accessed through the respective speaker’s subsite, see programme overview.

We thank all speakers for their contributions and all participants for their interest in the topic and our series!